Starting at $350/Video for 5 Videos

Full Production Management

Learn more about our a to b full production management services.

Get Guaranteed Results

When your project’s margin for error is slim, get guaranteed results with full production management services from Viral Batch. Our videographers are pre-vetted through a extensive process to ensure your success, and our remote production team has years of experience. We’re confident in their success, and if you aren’t satisfied with their work we guarantee a full refund.

Production Quality Without the Pricetag

Traditional creative agencies can charge tens of thousands in additional travel & equipment fees when working on new projects. With Viral Batch, we use high-quality pre-vetted videographers local to you to reduce expenditures and include all fees in our pricing for transparency.


With Viral Batch, pricing for our full-production services are per-video based on video length. The more videos you book at once, the lower the pricing per-video. All fees included.

Starting at $350/Video for 5 Videos

Each video includes sixty seconds of footage, color graded, captioned, formatted for social media (Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter), and synchronization with overlapping screen capture or auxiliary footage.