About Viral Batch

Learn more about our brand, our origins, and our services.

Viral Batch is a venture by Neutron Creative based out of Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Born as an internal marketing project, viral batch quickly grew into the venture it stands today after our first social media video production garnished attention from clients and consumers alike. Since then, we’ve perfected our three-step process for social media video content creation in order to make social video creation easy and affordable for businesses across North America. 

At Viral Batch, we realize that the most important part of your content is the content itself, not the recording equipment. Our unique workflow for bulk video campaigns utilizes contracted, pre-vetted videographers local to each client to keep travel & lodging costs lean while still making 100% of all edits & revisions in-house at our office in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We’re living proof that high quality social video campaigns don’t always need high budgets.